Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Okay, I’m back here again, more for sanity than anything. I figure if I write this down I’ll hopefully feel better.
It just keeps getter better. I’m being facetious I know but I gotta do the old sarcasm thing or I’ll lose it. I decided to head out to Rona Abbotsford yesterday partly for work and partly just to see what tile choices they had. It’s a big store and not as busy as the Burnaby store so it’s the better choice.
I actually found some tile I like for my bathroom and my kitchen. I decided to order it. Good thing here is that whatever you don’t use you can bring back by the piece. The sales guy told me it would be in next Thursday. I’m crossing my fingers that it will be because lately things just have not gone according to plan. I’m trying to be positive because I am of the belief that everything happens for a reason but I am also human so naturally I go through the ups and downs that all humans do.

I headed back to the office did some work and got a phone call from the flooring store I bought my laminate from back in January. I was originally told my laminate would be in to pick up late next week but she informed me they made a mistake and it wouldn’t be in until the end of May. I swear I almost lost it!!! I now had to find new flooring. I had matched everything to the laminate I had originally chosen. The paint, the tile…everything! I decided to go back there today on my lunch. I spent a good chunk of time pulling samples off the wall and placing them beside the paint chip and the tile I had just purchased to get the right fit. I ended up having to get a darker floor but I think it will look very good. They ended up giving me free delivery which was a bonus.

Heather and I tried to check all the IKEA boxes last night to make sure they were all there but we could not for the life of us figure out the IKEA check list. Yes, we could find the item number and match it but what we could not figure out was how many of each there were. It just didn’t make sense. We thought we had it understood but then we would come across some that said there was one and we had two. Totally confusing. We gave up. I’m hoping everything is there because I only had 48 hours from pick up to do this and that time frame is now kaput.

The painter was supposed to finish today but because his helper didn’t come along he probably won’t get it done. This puts us another day behind. I let him know that Josh would be there tomorrow as he was working on my door and other bits and pieces. Also, my laminate is being delivered tomorrow so he will have to load that into the house.

I had the pleasure of taking a bath in my house for the first time last night. It wasn’t as hot as I like but hey, it was nice just to have one at home. Josh is going to get the plumber to fix it so it’s warmer which will be appreciated.

Okay, I’m done writing. Do I feel better? Hmmm, a little I guess. My head just seems to keep spinning with all I need to do before Monday. Oh and those IKEA cabinets...I have to put all those cabinets together by Monday...OH MY!

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