Friday, April 23, 2010

Dear 1950's will not be complete :(

Huge disappointment yesterday. I made my way home at 10am to be there for my door arrival and as they were loading them off the truck I noticed how close the drilled hole was to the edge. I had a sinking feeling in my gut. I didn’t think my door knob back plate would fit. I told the guys there may be a problem. I went and got the back plate and yes I was right it didn’t fit. They told me it was a standard door knob hole and that they don’t make hardware that would be so far away from the edge of the door. One of the guys who delivered the doors said that Home Depot would special order it but that would mean I’d have to buy a whole new door. I’ve decided the knob back plate will have to be used somewhere else. Possibly as a back plate to my door bell. I was really bummed out as I was really looking forward to using it. My door will still look great but I was really looking forward to using the original back plate. I guess you gotta roll with the punches and come up with new ideas. On a positive note, the doors and closets look absolutely fabulous! This is truly going to be a house of glass.
I met with the painter after work today. I picked some colors for my house (a warm grey and a darker grey for the brick fireplace) I want to use a hot color under the stairs but may wait to choose that. He is going to actually start with the ceiling tomorrow afternoon. He didn’t want us to install the doors yet which was a disappointment to me. He wants to move them outside while he paints. I called Josh to let him know but he does not like that idea and I have to agree. I want my doors in today. I guess the painter is just thinking about the amount of work it would be to cover the doors while he sprays. I’ll find out the verdict this morning. The painter had arrived before I got home and had looked around the outside of the house. He told me it wouldn’t cost much to do the outside of the house. Maybe $1,500. Two words…. YOU'RE HIRED!

I haven’t taken any pictures for a while. My camera battery died and wouldn’t you know it in this upheaval I can’t find my re-charger. I’ll have to buy some batteries today. I did take some a while ago when the drywall first went up but can’t download them into the computer. I want to take some shots before the ceiling goes white.

I am expecting a call from IKEA today or tomorrow regarding my load of kitchen cabinets which are due Saturday. Josh and I will pick them up together hopefully Monday. We are just going to bring them back here and I’ll start putting them together after the painter finishes which I am assuming will be the middle of next week. Once the painting is done the wall cabinets can go up which will leave some space and it also means I can store things in them rather than in boxes.

I’m off to the tile store at lunch today to make some final decisions on tile. If I order the grey concrete tile it will take a few weeks to arrive (I think) The marble for the powder room would be next day. I made another attempt at finding penny tile yesterday only to get the run around. I found the supplier but they would not let me buy direct. They gave me the phone number to Carpet One and said they could order it in for me. I called them but I had to explain to the store what penny tile is. They said they would call me back….no call. I will call again today. I just want to know what they are going to soak me for to see if it’s worth it for me to head down to the States to get it.

Okay people I am now ready for this reno to be done. My credit card has been maxed out once. My bank balance is shrinking quickly…my job/house juggling is getting shaky. There’s no rest or relaxation at the end of the day. I have no clothes to wear. No time to do nails or hair. I look like a rag-a-muffin. I’ve gained weight from eating poorly….and….I can’t find my bloody battery re-charger or anything else for that matter!

Would I do it all again? a heartbeat!

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