Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Easter Egg hunt at my house this year!

What day are we on for the reno? Beats me! I thought I’d keep track of the days but it just hasn’t worked out that way.
I came home from work Monday (I think it was Monday…it’s turning into a blur now) to find I had no water and no toilet once again. It would have been nice to have had a heads up (again, no pun intended) but unfortunately the plumbers didn’t tell my contractor so in our briefing at the end of the day it never came up. I was sweeping up and needed to wash up but then found the tap taped shut to the handle. I had minimal water in the fridge so I called over the fence to my neighbor and asked if he could fill up the Britta jug for me. Thank goodness for neighbors. I knew the next morning I’d be heading to the gym to get ready for the day. Not my favorite thing to do.

I had to head to IKEA again to change my cabinet order because we didn’t think one cabinet would fit and Josh said he thought we would be able to use the fridge cabinet after all. When I looked at my original order I actually found a mistake with my bathroom vanity cabinets which I had ordered with my kitchen. It’s all fixed now so it’s all good and she even gave me the 15% off the new cabinets I ordered even though the sale is over. I took part of the order home with me. Holy lead! Those boxes are awkward and heavy!

I’ve had enough of the waking up in the middle of the night and getting up scenario. I did sleep last night until 4:30am….hey, it’s better than 3am. My head is so full of things to order for the house. The biggest dilemma I have right now?, my stair railing. I want to get a few more quotes and the system I actually like the best is from the Seattle area. You send them the measurements and they make it for you. Apparently it’s easy to install yourself. There are a few railings I like, one being the glass and the other the cable railing system. I’ve heard is hard to get an inspector to pass the cable because kids can climb them so I’m sticking with the glass.

I had to find a sub for my fitness class for tonight because my fridge delivery was today. They could only give me a time frame of between 12pm – 6:30pm, so I couldn’t take the chance they would be there earlier than later. Apparently no one was going to be home so I thought I’d have to leave work at noon to be there for the day. Ends up I cancelled for nothing. The fridge came at 12:30pm. I was there and so was the electrician. Speaking of Electrician, the inspection will be next Tuesday, the insulation Wednesday and the drywall Thursday and the drywall dust soon after…ugh. Not that I’m complaining. Progress is good.
The plumbing inspection was today and passed with flying colors and as an Easter present I now have my toilet and cold water hooked up. That’s better that chocolate. I’m living the good life now!

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