Friday, April 9, 2010

A day of ups and downs

D day approaches. D is for Dust…drywall dust that is. I found out yesterday that the drywaller starts next Wednesday. I must head out of town a few days later on Saturday to Ontario and Heather will have to hold down the fort. The sanding was supposed to start on Monday but I won’t be back until Tuesday afternoon so I’ve asked Josh to have them start that on Wednesday instead. I don’t want Heather to have to endure that on her own. I told her to stay at her Grand Mother’s for a couple of days till the dust settles.

Glitch number two for the house happened yesterday. The insulation was being installed. I made my way home at lunch to see the progress and everything looked very pink. Nothing out of the ordinary happened then but when I got home from work at the end of the day and went upstairs I was aghast. The installer had used some kind of black caulking, plastic and staples between my windows. These areas were supposed to be left alone of any drywall or trim work as I wanted a clean look for this house. Josh and I had gone over this a few days ago when we had a discussion about trim work. I called Josh to let him know. He told me he would fix it. All I know is I’m not paying for the time it takes to fix it. I tried to take some of it down but the black goop was getting all over my hands and I had no way of getting it off. The unfortunate thing is the guy got it on my window frames and the beautiful caulking job around my windows. I’m grateful he hadn’t started downstairs yet but this better be fixable.

The night before last I had the glass railing rep come to my house for the second time to show me some brushed aluminum posts I wanted between the glass for the stair railing. We went over the details and he said he had thought it would be approximately $3,000. for this industrial look I wanted so badly but he would have to get back to me with the real quote. I was hopeful it would stay at $3,000. But what did my eyes behold the next morning but the quote in my email box of $4,300. What a disappointment. I wrote him back telling him it was way over my budget and were there any other options for me. He called me back at the end of the day and told me he could give it to me for $3,600. As long as they could use pictures of it on their website and maybe bring a potential customer to come and look at the railing upon completion. I was fine with that. I forgot to ask if the price included installation so I am awaiting a response for that and if it’s a yes then I will go for it.

Another slight disappointment yesterday, I received my quote back from the company that does IKEA cabinet installation. Let me just set this up by saying my kitchen is not large and I don’t have that many cabinets. The quote came in at $2,250.00. Way over what I was thinking it would cost. I am now going to put together an above fridge cabinet I already have from IKEA this weekend to see how hard it is. I think what I am going to do is end up putting the cabinets together myself (hopefully with help from family) and have Josh install them. I talked to him about it yesterday and he is fine with that. I went online to look up how difficult it is to install an IKEA kitchen and apparently it is pretty well idiot proof. Is it blonde proof though, that’s the real question? I’m preparing myself for the 120 boxes that will be arriving soon. Everything comes separately packaged. One cabinet is approximately 6 - 9 boxes. The kitchen will arrive the third week of April.

I have to contact the laminate flooring guys today as Josh wants to use his own wood nosing for the stairs. He’s not happy with the two samples I have shown him from the store. I want to cancel the nosing order. Hopefully I can. Josh will supply me with his own version which he uses all the time. He said it will hold up a lot better. I will trust his judgment.

Well, I can’t say how glad I am that this is Friday because I am short a weekend next weekend to do stuff hunting for the house as I’ll be in Ontario. I will have to work overtime this weekend to get all I need to get accomplished done.
I’m a lot warmer this morning because the insulation has kept the cool air where it’s supposed to be…that’s nice, except my gut twists every time I think of my window frame area being mauled. Luckily it was only upstairs.

I actually wish I could do this house reno stuff as a living. I would love to flip houses. I love the frenzy, the research the decorating and getting deals (or what I perceive as being deals) for the house. I really love meeting all the people I’ve met so far to do with the reno. I am in my element!, even when some things go wrong. I knew the reno wouldn't be perfect but my contractor sure tries hard for everything to go smoothly and I really appreciate that!

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