Thursday, April 22, 2010

Drywall drywall everywhere theres drywall...

Okay, I’m still not in my tub yet…now I’m being told it will be next week.
I have returned from my trip from Ontario. I was living in luxury with a bed with no dust, actual inside running water with a sink and a tub and hot running water!
I’m now back in the pleasure of my own home with drywall dust, three electrical outlets, one toilet no inside running water, frozen dinners, two semi-homeless cats…and I feel like finishing it off with a partridge in a pear tree.
The drywall has been beaded, mudded and sanded once. It should all be done by tomorrow and then it will be leaps and bounds to the end….oh, please end be near.

More decisions are taking place. One word…Tile. I have been to the tile store I’m sure at least 10 times. The guy in the store knows me by name and doesn’t bother to charge me for taking tile samples home anymore. I’ve surfed the web more times than I can count, to find bathrooms I like and to study the tile choices. I seem to gravitate to large tiles for my ensuite. I did find a grey marble tile I am quite fond of and even fonder of the cost of it. I’m using it for my powder room downstairs. I have changed my mind about the flooring in the kitchen. I’ve switched to grey tile that looks a lot like concrete. I’m still on the search for penny tile for the kitchen backsplash. It’s prevalent in the U.S. of A but seems to be in sparse supply here on the West Coast. When I do find it it’s a horrendous price or only in stainless steel. Come on tile stores, get with the program! My favorite place to browse for penny tile is Love it! Home Depot in the states sells it as well but only as a web order and they don’t ship to Canada.
I am going to do my best this weekend to track some down come hell or high water!

I have been cursed by one of my bathtubs. The one in the main bath was delivered damaged a few weeks ago and had to be re-ordered. The new one arrived Monday but when the plumbers where installing it they broke it near the bottom of the tub. They are going to get someone to come in to repair it and if I’m not happy with it they will replace it. Most likely it will be fine. I’m not going to get all anal about it unless I can really see it. Oh tub Gods please make it right.

The rest of my faucets are being sent out today and all of my doors and closets are being delivered this morning. Josh and Jordan (there Jordan, I used your name…happy now?) will install all the doors and closets tomorrow. I have to pick out trim work tomorrow morning as well. Josh knows I don’t like scrolly crap, so his samples will be as plain as possible.
The painter starts on Monday with the trim work. I still have to pick my colors for the walls. I’ve decided to paint my post and beam ceiling a semi gloss white. If the ceiling was higher I would probably do something different but with an 8’ ceiling and beams every 4’ and 12” in depth it really drops the ceiling. Everything I’ve read says to paint it a shiny white to bring up the ceilings and reflect light and so reflect light I will. I also like the look of it. Men seem to cringe at the thought of painting wood but I don’t care…it’s getting painted! Get over it!!

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