Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If I was tired yesterday I am even more tired today with the added bonus of being frustrated. I think this is starting to get to me. Or maybe I just feel that way because my job is also not going the way I’d like. Everything seems to be out of control right now.

The second coat of paint went on the ceiling (latex this time) and it didn’t work. There was bleeding coming through from the original cedar. The painter called Cloverdale Paint and he now has to seal it again with the stinky oil based paint one more time. Here we go…I thought I only had to tolerate one night of stench and now I had to do it all over again. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he could have done it first thing in the morning but he couldn’t do it until the latex dried so the oil base application didn’t start until 3:30pm. I had to leave all the doors and windows open and to make matters worse it was cold and rainy.

I was supposed to have hot water to have a bath yesterday. The hot water tank went in and the plumber said there was hot water. Guess what? Nope. It didn’t work. Here I thought I would sweep up drywall dirt off the floor because I could have a bath right after. Oh I swept…I just didn’t get to bathe. So I was grimy and had to sleep with all the windows open plus have the stench of oil based paint wafting through the air.

Josh and I went and picked up the IKEA kitchen cabinets yesterday afternoon. I was going to come back to the office but didn’t feel well so I didn’t. Josh took most of the cabinets to his office in Abbotsford and brought them back to my house this morning to unload. I was nervous yesterday as it began to rain on the way back and I didn’t want the boxes to get wet and the cabinets damaged. I still have a car load of boxes in my car. I have to go through every box tonight to make sure they are all there. IKEA requires you do this within 48 hours or they assume you have everything you paid for and will not refund you if you don’t check within that time frame.

Josh said he fixed my hot water this morning. I’m skeptical. I tend to be lately. It’s just how everything has been going. It seems the universe is just off kilter. I called about my laminate flooring yesterday and apparently it won’t be ready until mid to the end of next week. If we could have had it delivered this week the laminate could have gone down next week but now it will be a week delayed. I’ll have to set my IKEA cabinets up on sheets on the floor. I can’t see how I will have the time to order my tile this weekend as I still haven’t finalized my decision with regard to the kitchen/entrance and powder room. I need more time. Time I just don't have. My mood is at an all time low. I need a way out of this slump.

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