Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I still have water on the brain

I survived Easter weekend. It was actually quite nice.
I spent Thursday evening sweeping the house of sawdust and wood chips (I sound like Cinderella) and the cable and telephone wires were just being installed when I got home from work. There’s one more thing to check off the list.
Is it just me? Because I think the installation of cable and telephone jacks etc is highway robbery! Josh assured me he had put that in his original quote…(huge sigh of relief).

I was happy to have my water back on for the weekend but little was I prepared for Good Friday morning…I took it easy that morn. Not something I normally get to do. I very leisurely started my day with coffee and computer surfing and a little HGTV (alternating with sitting in front of the gas fireplace to get warm) I finally decided to get ready for the day. Heated up some water in my kettle and did the few dishes I had. Oh come on! The water would not drain from the sink. I had already heard from Josh about a half hour earlier. He was asking if I had gotten the stair nosing sample. I assured him it was on my list of things to do this weekend and it would be in his possession on Monday.
I proceeded to call Josh back about the water clogging. I just needed to know how to fix it. He tried to tell me how to release pressure from the valve behind the toilet. Nothing. Finally he instructed me to loosen it completely. I hung up and rifled through the tool bag under the stairs and found a wrench. I did my best to loosen it. I’m not a strapping young lad so it obviously wasn’t going to budge! I made an executive decision and got the hammer and whacked the crap out of it until it moved. I know, not the best solution but I didn’t want to be without running water for a long weekend and I wasn’t about to ask Josh to come out to my house to fix it for Easter. The whacking worked, the water drained. The frantic girl was happy.
I spent my day collecting light fixtures. First stop Vancouver lighting. I wanted to get my outdoor lights for the front of my house. Check.
Second off to IKEA (now my second home) to pick up the ceiling fixtures I had wanted. Check.
I stopped at my Mom’s on the way home. It’s my sanctuary for now and lets not forget my laundr-o-mat. What would we do without our Moms? I was starving when I got there and ended up snacking myself out of dinner. She warned me but I didn’t listen. Oh well. I enjoyed my day and fell asleep on the couch watching t.v.

I found out the next day that Vancouver lighting had sold me the wrong lights and I’d have to take them back. I ended up going to Richmond on Saturday and found green mosaic tile to go with my 50’s green sinks. The tile was only $9.99 for a 12X12 sheet. Not bad. I also bought my under mount kitchen sink from the same place for an awesome deal. I’ll be picking it up on Wednesday.

I’m struggling with my vanity lighting for my master bath. I found fixtures I like but they are way over my price range. I have a problem dropping 6 C notes for one fixture. I casually saw someone do this on Saturday. They were carrying around a Chihuahua and were wearing designer jeans and some fancy dancy shoes. A three light vanity light…nothing special..$600. just like they were buying chewing gum. They didn’t even bat an eye. I walked out of the store empty handed.

I got my outdoor lighting replaced and held it up to the house to see what it looked like. Awesome, but unfortunately the back plate doesn’t cover the outlet. I will let Josh know. He always has solutions for my issues (don’t even think it!).

It’s now Tuesday. My stairs are being re-built and should be done by the time I get home. I dropped in at at noon to talk to the guys and see the progress. It looks great like always. Drywall will apparently happen next week…and by the way the electrical passed inspection this morning. The bathtubs are supposed to be arriving tomorrow and will be installed. Unfortunately I still have no hot water so there will be no long soothing baths in the very near future. It will happen one day…and I can’t wait!

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