Monday, April 26, 2010


This girl is tired. I needed the weekend to relax and that didn't really happen. The prep work began on the ceiling yesterday. Gord the painter and his helper came around nine to begin. I did my spin class and returned to find them prepping. I quickly got my sample boards, laundry etc. together and headed for the laundry mat and deli lunch counter (aka: My Mom's house). I chucked my laundry in, made a sandwich chatted and then proceeded to catch a few winks on the couch.

Later in the day I headed out with Megan to a familiar destination...IKEA to pick up my powder room vanity. Lucky me, I rangled myself the last sink but to get myself the vanity was a major amount of climbing, crawling, tugging and pushing. The boxes were jammed tight. Meg crawled into the warehouse shelving to push the box out towards me as I was on my belly with my legs dangling out of the Godmorgon section trying to pull it out. I'm sure the onlookers where chuckling and taking pictures with their camera phones.
Success! We had quite the cart load of IKEA treasures and I doubted we would get them into my Dodge Calibur. Meg asurred me we would. I had my vanity, sink and another light fixture and Meg had bought an office chair, desk/shelf unit and a 7 foot piece of shelving from the "as is" section. Almost a grand later we headed for the car. Megan was right...even surprising herself, we got it all in. I couldn't see out the windows but we did it!
I dropped her at her house and we unloaded her stuff onto the lawn and I headed home to see what the painters were doing.
WOW!!! The ceiling was now white and Lordy, it stunk like hell in the house. They had to use oil based paint for the first coat on the ceiling. It looks fabulous and bright and I felt like it was the last of the way the old girl looked.
I fed my cats outside hopped back in the car with the gang and headed for my Son's house for a chili feast. I was dreading coming home that night and having to sleep in my house. I ended up getting home at 9:30pm. The stench was a bit better than it was when the painters had first finished but it was still pretty bad. My bedroom had the best venitlation because I had my balcony door open plus two open windows. I slept on and off all night and got up just before 4am. I made it....barely.
It's coming together. The second coat is going on the ceiling today but latex this time so it should be a lot more tolerable.

I'm off to pick up my IKEA kitchen cabinets today with Josh. I can't believe I am at this point in the reno. It's been a blur. We will store the cabinets at Josh's place until the floor goes in then bring them back to my house and I'll have a "Family put the IKEA cabinets together" party. Pizza of course will be on the menu...along with a healthy dose of Coke and Rootbeer to wash it all down.

I can't believe it's almost a year since I first saw my beloved Mid Century beauty with a for sale sign plunked on the lawn....Mother's Day 2009. Who wudda thought a year later I would be spending Mother's day in my almost completely renovated dream house....

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