Monday, May 3, 2010

The Reno God's have spoken

It was an eventful weekend. I am now going to put something new on my resume. Apparently I am capable of putting many IKEA kitchen cabinets together. I figure if something happens to my job I can be an IKEA cabinet assembler. I spent all of Saturday (from morning until night) putting my cabinets together. It really didn’t take a rocket scientist. I thought I would get a head start so that my family wouldn’t have to help for too long on Sunday. By Sunday morning I had all the base cabinets done and all but one upper cabinet done, oh, and the pantry cupboards needed assembly.
Everyone came around noon to help me. I needed muscles to help move the cabinets from the living room to the kitchen. One by one the cabinets exchanged rooms. We ordered pizza around 2pm and everyone was gone by about 3:30 or 4pm. I spent the rest of my day cleaning up, making sure I went through my IKEA list again to assure myself nothing was missing (miraculously, nothing was) and then put together my vanity cabinets. Josh is installing my base cabinets today and tomorrow the uppers go in. I did find a few things that need some attention after I rearranged the kitchen. The pot light over the fridge had to be moved because it was in the way of the fridge cabinet by one inch and the pantry drop down wall is a little lower than it should be but we will just make the cabinet shorter to the ground by a couple of inches. It’s all fixable things.

The door bell I ordered a little while back arrived on Friday but of course no one was here to accept it. They should be dropping it off today. I hope it looks great sitting inside my door knob back plate!

My windows were installed in my door on Friday morning. They look absolutely amazing, even if the door isn’t painted yet. There was unfortunately a glitch with them. When Josh took them out of the box three of the frames were split. He installed them anyway and we are waiting for the replacements. He said it’s an easy fix and would only take a couple of minutes to replace them.

The painting of the walls and my fireplace will definitely be done today and that will be the end of covering my furniture with plastic. I know that keeping furniture covered in plastic is a 50’s thing plastic but I am not that kind of 50’s nut.

Well the good luck seems to be back on track now. I’m a happy girl. Ah, the ups and down’s of renos.

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