Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reno Gods be kind

Okay, it seems the Reno-God’s have it in for me. Yesterday the painter was supposed to start but I noticed on Friday when I got home from work that Josh and Jordan had not prepped the ceiling, which I was told previously they would do. I called to find out what the scoop was and was told that the painter could do it. Upon thinking about it I didn’t understand how he could start painting if he had to prep and fill holes. Wouldn’t that mean the filler would have to dry??? How could he paint? Also it was my understanding that my doors would also be installed on Friday, which most were. We had also agreed that my doors would not be placed outside and low and behold my pocket door was left out for the rain to destroy. I struggled to bring it inside and let Josh know the door had delaminated and buckled. I hope it is fixable. Josh has told me he will replace it if necessary. I knew he would because he's an upstanding guy but it’s just the time factor.
Saturday was supposed to be my tile shopping day. It ended up that the painter, who was supposed to be here at noon, showed up at 2pm. There went most of my day. While I waited for him I decided to sweep the ceiling to get rid of dirt and cobwebs so it would save some time. When he arrived he saw the extent of the work that needed to be done and said he could not paint. Surprise! NOT! After a few calls to Josh and after discussions with the painter we decided the painter would bring a helper today and the prepping would begin. He said he could probably get one coat of paint on the ceiling late in the afternoon. He will arrive at 9am this morning.

I did in fact get to do a bit of tile shopping yesterday. I went to a different tile store right by my house. I didn’t even know it was there. My daughter Megan told me about it. I spent an hour and a half there pulling tile choices and matching with the paint and my cabinet fronts. I decided on about four choices and took them home to see them in the light. Well, folks I think my decision has been made for my master bathroom and my kitchen and entrance hall. I am very excited about the choices but that excitement is gunna cost me (what’s new?). I worked out the amounts and I’ll order some stuff this coming week. Apparently it only takes a few days to get them in. The only decision I have to finish making now is the powder room by the entrance door. My gut tells me I should keep the floor the same as the entrance so it’s consistent.

This morning I browsed the Internet for a doorbell that would fit inside my chrome door- knob back plate that I cannot use on my door. I found one! It will fit perfectly inside the round hole of the knob area. I ordered it! At least I’ll get to use the back plate on the outside of my house even though it’s not going to be my front door. I also ordered my Spektr lights from Rejuvenation of which I’dposted a picture previously. I’ve ordered the brushed aluminum. That set me back some change but you’re only on this earth for a short time so treat yourself…right? They will look spek-tacular!

Today I’m off to IKEA to purchase my powder room vanity. I’m expecting hot water to arrive in my home this week…it better arrive this week. I’m hopeful it will arrive this week….(can you tell I’m desperate?) I WANT MY HOT WATER! Taking dishes to wash at work or in a big pot by boiling water in the kettle and washing them as I squat on the floor is getting tedious. I’d also like to bathe at home instead of the gym.

Even though I hate the show (way over decorated...note the ridiculous themed bedrooms)…I’m waiting for Ty Pennington from Extreme Home Edition to show up at my doorstep and do my house in a week while they send me to Disney World. Oh Ty, where are you?

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