Monday, March 1, 2010

These Olympic Games have really distracted me to the point of not quite finishing packing up my house to get this reno going. This morning and tonight after work should do it though. I basically have the contents of the kitchen cupboards to pack up and I’m done!

The first round of house plans are finished and the final should be done by today or tomorrow. I thanked Josh for including a door in my bathroom and giving me a way to enter my home through the front of the house. The plans look great! I also received my new Schlage door knob and dead bolt Friday. So pretty and shiny...precious, my precious.

Home Depot had a deal this weekend I just couldn’t pass up. It was difficult for me to give in because I had decided on more sleek and stylish models.
What the hell am I talking about you ask?
Why toilets of course.
Some municipalities were offering rebates on low flow toilets (mine NOT included) but I will get a rebate when the energy guy returns. $65.00 per toilet to be exact. There were three to choose from that were on sale, American Standard, Kohler and Pegasus (HD brand). I chose the Kohler. It was the most expensive of the three but I think it was the right choice. My only concern is the color. Even though it’s white, every company has different whites and I may not choose Kohler bathtubs. The only place it may be a concern is my main bathroom. But there will be a wall separating it from the bath so I should be okay. Worst case scenario, I take it back and get a different one. Like I said I wanted a more sleek model but the cost difference was significant! The toilets after rebate will cost me $84.00 each as apposed to some of the ToTo toilets I was looking at which were $400 - $500 each. My thoughts are spend the money in more important places, like a soaker tub. Kohler is a good make and that particular toilet got good reviews.
I was up at the crack of dawn on Saturday, actually before the crack. I studied the three different brands of toilets. Made sure they were included on my rebate and was at Home Depot at 6:45 am. I new there would be a run on toilets….ha ha…and I wanted to be able to nab three. I new I wouldn’t be able to get them all in the car but I thought I’d be able to pay for them all, get one or two in the car and come back to get the other(s). Well, HD wouldn’t let me do that. I quickly phoned Ralph. He lives 2 minutes away. I told him my situation and like a gallant knight he came and picked up one of the toilets for me. I ended up getting two in my car. He and my Mom brought the toilet over later that morning. I had wanted to ask him about ripping up my driveway and putting in new concrete…(that’s what he does for a living). I thought while I was at it I would re-surface my front door area and the back patio. I also need my side yard re-done. He’s going to put a quote together for me. This wouldn’t happen until after my house reno but I want to make sure to leave some moola for that. Fingers crossed…. I have moola left for that.

I made a decision Friday. I want to use some of the wood slats on my walls in a different way in the house. Maybe plane them down, stain them darker and put them on a horizontal angle to the wall. I could do this in the living room to unfortunately replace the existing mahogany paneling (which I wanted to keep but it’s in too horrid a condition). Or, do the same thing behind the master bed to use like a headboard, which looks uber-cool. I’ve seen it done. That way I can still keep some of the original materials in the house.

Well, it’s time to finish packing. By tomorrow I should be ready to go to the city for a building permit. Holy shit! I’m really doing this.

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