Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A little chilly last night but I did have a good rest. I had my coffee this morning and tried to get organized for the day. I decided to take the day off today because I know I have to get some things done for the reno. I met with Josh and the plumbers today. I pleaded for the toilet but alas I’ll have it tomorrow. We decided where the 1950’s sinks will be placed and I gave them the measurements for the cabinets for my ensuite. I had some questions about my kitchen because my day included going to IKEA to order the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. I needed to know the measurements of the bulk head above my kitchen cabinets and we needed to re-measure the kitchen because the powder room wall needed to be moved slightly. All was good and the kitchen could stay the way I planned.

Heather and I hoofed it to the gym to get cleaned up and ready for the day and we were off. First stop the door store. I got prices and forms to fill out for the door and closet sizes. Josh and I will do that tomorrow morning. Then it was off to IKEA to finalize the kitchen and place the order. We were there for quite a while. I ended up getting almost $800.00 back in IKEA gift cards which will pay for my under stair cabinetry and my shelving units plus more. After that it was off to take my doorknob back plate in to be chromed. It will be ready Friday.

Megan invited us to use her kitchen tonight for dinner so I picked up some fixin’s for fajitas, guacamole and salsa. It was great to use a real kitchen. I ended up bringing over some of my dishes from the morning to wash up as well.

It’s going to be a hectic morning tomorrow. I have a meeting with a girl from a bathroom store to order my tubs and maybe some sinks for my ensuite. The only trouble is I left her address at the office. Hopefully the plumber will be here tomorrow morning. He was the one who gave me her phone number so I can get the info from him. My head is having trouble holding all the info it needs to right now.


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