Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And the process continues. I’m living with boxes again. Wasn’t I just here? There’s just nothing like going to work and coming home and packing up your belongings.

Well, I received my house plans back from the other contractor and of course they were wrong. Not just a bit wrong but a whole lotta wrong. I am pretty sure a 5 year old did them. Anyone who doesn’t put a door or a window into a bathroom has to realize that the room would be off limits to everyone, wouldn’t they? There were so many things wrong with them. I felt like yelling when I received them but because I knew I needed them to take to the city to get a permit I decided to be calm and put the changes in and give them back. I was told I would have them back right away. They were in my hands last Thursday and now it was Monday and I had heard nothing. I called Josh (my contractor) to tell him about the mistakes and the hold up. We both want to get this going as the city can sometimes take a while to give you a permit. Josh had told me a while ago that they can do the plans as well but because I had already started the process with the other contractors I thought I’d finish it. Well, it ends up the contractor could not get a hold of the kindergartener who is doing the drawings. I finally couldn’t hold back any more and I said “I need those plans. I want to get started on this”. He said he understood but his hands were tied. My patience had come to an end. Incompetence is something I have no patience for. I said, “Look, here’s the thing. I know that when I get these drawings back again there will be something wrong with them”. Anyone who doesn’t put a way to get into a room and leaves out numerous windows in rooms is not fit to draw plans”. “I need those drawings”. He said, “Well you can always back out of it. Do you want to do that?”. “Yep!!! And just so you know, I’m not paying anything for them”. And that was that! I hung up and called Josh. I asked him to do the drawings for me. We met that same day (yesterday). He did proper measurements and I bet you that today or tomorrow he tells me they are done. When we met yesterday at lunch we talked about the contract he had written up. I didn’t sign it on the spot as I want to go over it. It’s pretty simple and straight forward but a contract is a contract and I want to go over it with a fine tooth comb before signing anything.

On another note my new house numbers I had ordered where waiting at my front door for me when I got home (the front door that the bush-league drafts person didn’t put in my house plans by the way). They are beautiful! Of course they won’t go up until I paint the exterior of my home…if I can wait that long. Apparently my front door window inserts have been shipped along with my new locks as well.

I went out on the weekend to do some browsing for the house. I picked out the soaker tub I want in my master bath. I also finally found the outdoor lighting that I was having so much trouble finding. I picked out the berber carpeting for the bedrooms and I stopped into IKEA to talk to the kitchen dept. about my kitchen. It was very helpful and I got a lot of questions answered. I’ve also found a company that does the quartz counter tops I want. I wondered why their prices were cheaper than most of the other places I had inquired into. Apparently it’s because the quartz product is not brand named. I cannot find anything on the net that warns you about buying no name brand quartz. It required further investigation. Because this is a man made product I need to find out the quantities of quartz in the product compared to the polymer. That ratio may be different with the no name brand quartz. Typically the quartz is about 93% present in Silestone or Ceasarstone. I had them quote my kitchen counters, computer station and my ensuite vanity. I was very pleased with the quote. Granite and laminate are both my other options but I’m really not that fond of granite because I want a white counter top with a minimalist look and I find that granite counter tops, can look too extravagant for what I’m going for here. I know a lot of people love granite, and so they should, but it really isn’t the vibe that this house sings for. I’m looking for simple and clean. It’s amazing how simple and clean and minimalist can add up though…and it’s a lot harder to achieve.
Thank God for the IKEA kitchen planner. It’s a lot of fun figuring out how your kitchen is going to be situated. I figure my cupboards and computer station should cost me about $4,500. Plus installation. That’s pretty damn reasonable if you ask me. If I go with the quartz counter tops and include all the new stainless steel appliances I want it should come to approximately $15,000.00. to $17,000.00. That is for a 12X12 kitchen plus a 5X5 computer station.

Enough dreaming already….I must face reality now and go pack. I'll meet you back here soon!

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