Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let the reno begin!

It’s funny how we humans just seem to be able to cope with things as they come along. The human brain is fascinating! Either that or it blocks out what it can’t handle, denial perhaps? I guess if you want something bad enough you’ll make it happen. That is what my house is all about. I love the challenge. I love changing an ugly duckling into a graceful swan. I love taking ideas and switching them around and not going with the status quo. Some people think I’m nuts for the things I’m doing with the house and some people totally “get it”…either that or they don’t want to state their real opinions. I know I’m eccentric. I know most people would not undertake this…and who knows, in a few days I may agree with them.

My house plans are now ready. They are being printed off today and by tomorrow I’ll be heading to the city to submit them for a permit. I am imagining that by next week my house will look like a bomb went off. There will be no interior walls, no tile, no carpet. Just the bare minimum, bathtub perhaps and a kitchen sink. I’ll be cold for a while without any insulation. I’ll be using sheets to tack up on the windows for a little privacy. I’ll be hacking up dust and wishing for normalcy. Yes, pure bliss.

My window inserts arrived for my front door yesterday. This front door has started to cost a fortune…but I know what I want…and that front door will set the tone for what is inside these four walls.

I’m off to Jack’s used building supplies on Saturday. I want to look at some of the sinks they have. That place is a gold mine for unique finds. They also have tons of doors and I still need some of those. Who knows what oddities or treasures will be waiting for me.

Wish me luck with that permit. Let’s get this show on the road!

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