Monday, March 8, 2010

Magically delicious!

Absolutely fabulous news…. the drawings for the existing plan of my house were done yesterday and today Josh and I met at the City Planning Dept. to hopefully have them accepted without having to get an engineer.
I guess I do have some lucky charms up my sleeve, because the pencil pusher behind the desk ended up being a leprechaun and accepted the sets of plans without us having to get an engineer. But alas, now we have to wait to have the permit processed (I knew I should have offered him the pot ‘o gold! Damn!) Josh was told it could take a week (hopefully that’s all). I would like to get going on the demo because the sooner we get started; the sooner it will be done, and the sooner I can soak in my extra deep tub in my new master bath. Which I’m sure I’ll desperately need after going through this reno. Right now it’s Thrilling. We will see how thrilling I think it is when I'm cleaning dishes in my bathtub, living with my coat and shoes on 24/7 and assuring my poor cats that everything will be okay *there will be much appeasing with Temptations cat treats .
My oldest daughter expressed her delight that I’d be coming over to cook at her house a lot but then again, we will see how much she likes me cooking for her when I’m there night after night. Don’t worry Meg it won’t be every night. I’ve got some restaurant gift cards that I can use for a night out once in a while. Plus, there’s always Kraft dinner…Kevin, hear that? You’re Mom just might need a couple of those boxes you bought from Costco.

I was supposed to go to my little flooring store I had found this afternoon but never made it. It will have to be tomorrow on my lunch break. I'm on a mission to match my 1950’s green sink with some green mosaic tile in the store so I will not be panicked to find it at the last minute . I also want to look at the laminate again and possibly the bamboo flooring which is obviously more pricey. I think the laminate I chose on Saturday is just a little too dark. Just a shade lighter would be great.

So blog world, It’s pretty probable that my house will be very “open concept” by weeks end. I sure hope so. Just in time for my youngest daughter’s arrival back home from Thailand Monday. It will be the ultimate in comfortable living for the next few months. Can we do it?.... Yes, we….(gulp)…. can.

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