Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reno day of the morning to ya...Happy St. Patrick's Day

I’m now into Reno Day 2 and day 1 went over without a major hitch but of course there is always something.
I had purchased a vintage pole light from a thrift store a few weeks back. It was a major find and I had been very excited about it. It had only cost me $5.00. Let’s just say my pole light is now in the bin. It got thrown out by accident. Poor Josh, he was so sorry. This morning I took precaution and put sticky notes on everything I wanted to keep….even if it was obvious. We all had a good laugh about that. You have to laugh during a reno, at least that’s what they say.
I came home at lunch yesterday and they had already ripped out most of the upstairs. Everything looked good. No rot and nothing out of the ordinary. My phone got disconnected by accident but will be hooked up again today and I was without my computer last night. All things I could live without.
I actually had a bath in my open concept upstairs. It was quite romantic with all the lights out and being in the open area with all the windows. I was really happy because even with all the windows you could not to see in. My yard is very private at the back and from the angle of the bath from the front of the house you couldn’t see a thing…all I could see from the tub was treetops.
I couldn’t have the heat on yesterday but my fireplace kept the house very toasty. Our weather forecast for tomorrow is 18 C so that makes it even easier.
My cats faired quite well. A little freaked out but not too bad.
I’m heading home again at lunch to see the progress. My downstairs is being ripped apart as I type this. All that will be left in my kitchen is my sink, stove and fridge.

Dinner tonight will be interesting…although, surprisingly…I haven’t been hungry. Stress will do that to a person….although it seems a trip to Charlies chocolate factory was in order yesterday after I had viewed my house gutted. Ah chocolate…a stress reliever!

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