Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And the walls come down

Did I sleep last night? Not too well I’m afraid. This is it. It’s finally arrived. The bin makes its way to my driveway and the walls are coming down.
My youngest daughter arrived home yesterday from Thailand and after hours of evening chat (which was a great distraction) I knew she and I needed to hit the hay. She hadn’t slept for 24 hours and I, well I knew I’d be up early.
Not much sleep happened. Two cats and an extra person in your bed plus the impending knowledge that your house would be shredded in the morning doesn’t leave much room for sleep. I dismantled her room a few weeks ago and all that remains in the center of it is a dresser with a sheet draped over it. My house is pretty empty. It looks like a summer cottage that is sleeping for the winter. Bare rooms with white sheets draped over big furniture pieces that don't fit in the garage are patiently waiting for the dust to fall. Kitchen counters free from clutter and empty cabinets are ready to be pulled from their supports.
In one hour Josh will arrive and we will go over what stays and what goes and I’ve decided I’ll be making my way home during lunch to see the progress and to see how Heather and the cats are fairing.

I’ve finalized my IKEA kitchen. I pretty much spent the whole weekend sitting in the kitchen dept. at IKEA, although I did take a break from it and go soaker tub shopping. The place I really wanted to go was closed. Imagine that. A large Kohler showroom closed on a Saturday. I don’t get it. I’ll have to make my way there during the week sometime. I’ve got my eye on a tub but I want to test it out first. Make sure it’s the right fit for me. Sounds like buying a car, doesn’t it?
I’m still not 100% sure about the kitchen. I’m on the fence whether to go with white shiny upper cabinets or matt finish. I’m going to take my daughter with me this weekend to make that decision. The kitchen has to be ordered before March 28th. I’ll wait till the last minute because obviously it’s not time to put the kitchen in. You have to understand that IKEA kitchens come in tons of boxes. I’m guessing there will be approximately 120 boxes in total. I’ll be hiring a company that specializes in assembling and installing IKEA kitchens. They can do the whole thing in one day, which apparently is well worth the money and sanity. I figure with this sale I will save about $778.00. in IKEA gift cards. I have my eye on some shelving units that I will purchase with that savings plus I’ll have left overs to purchase something else. The shelving will go in my dining room to separate the hall but still have light filtering through. The beauty of this shelving unit is you can get drawers and cupboards to close off some of the areas. I love the look of it.

I can’t believe I’m really doing this. It’s all come together…now all I need is that bloody permit and the construction can begin.

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