Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reno Day 2

Reno day 2, my main floor is now gutted. Good thing I like the minimalist look because that is basically what I now have. Josh was good enough to set up a computer station for me downstairs by the T.V. so I can do research for finishing materials for the house.

The container we had ordered to put the materials from my house in was filled to the brim so we had to order another container (over budget #1) and it was delivered in the evening. My briefing with Josh went well. We have to switch the toilet with the shower in my ensuite to make things work better, which is no problem for me and I’m now in a bit of a rush to get the tubs I want for my bathrooms (a request from the plumber). I’ll be going this morning to the Kohler showroom to hopefully find the tubs I want. I do have my eye on the “Archer” model but want to lay in it first and give it the ol’ comfort test.
Apparently my subfloor will be going in upstairs tomorrow and the framing will begin. Now all I can think about is the dreaded “drywall stage”. I’ll have to pick up some tarps for that process…cough, cough. I’m guessing my hair will feel dusty constantly and I’m imagining I’ll be like Pig Pen from the Peanuts comic strip with a constant cloud of dust trailing behind me.

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