Saturday, December 19, 2009

Today is going to be a busy day. I have people coming to pick up the remains of the tree crowding the space beside my house. I also have people coming to clean my boiler and hot water tank. Yes, I know. I lead an exciting life. The most important thing that’s happening today and the thing that I’m most anxious about is I have contractor #5 coming over to take a look at my digs. I’m a sad case really because what should be on the forefront of my mind is getting my act together for Christmas. I’ve done minimal Christmas shopping and haven’t even planned the menu for dinner. Luckily I’m off of work now until January.
My Daughter Megan recommended the contractor who is going to be here today. She is a friend of his wife’s and he comes with good credentials. I’m trying to stay positive. That’s all I’ve got is my attitude.

It has been suggested by someone, and you know who you are, that I be my own contractor and hire sub-trades to do the work in my house. This is a very valid suggestion and I appreciate the advice and the encouragement I’ve been given to do this myself. I have taken steps to go in that direction if need be. In true form I’ve ordered a few books off Amazon on how to be your own contractor. I’ve always been one to learn things from non-fiction. My motto?...when in doubt…turn to Amazon. I believe I’ve got more “how to” books than any other human on the planet. I have to be honest here and tell you I am apprehensive about being my own contractor. Obviously my reasoning involves fear. Big life choices typically do.

Minuses of being my own contractor

1. I don’t know a lot about construction
2. I don’t know if I have the time that’s necessary to be my own contractor re: my job
3. I am impatient and I don’t know if I can live through a renovation for an extended period of time. (I’ve heard the horror stories and I’m just being honest)
4. I don’t think it’s as easy as it portrays itself to be (rarely anything this big is)

On the other hand there are big pluses to being my own contractor.

1. I would learn a lot
2. I would probably have more to write about on this Blog
3. I would hopefully save money which would let me do more with the house
4. I would gain lots of valuable experience
5. I would feel more in control of what was being done in my house
6. I would have the satisfaction of knowing I can do it!!

The books are on their way.

Ps…I still haven’t had a bill from the Tree Cutter!

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