Saturday, December 12, 2009

breaking in the new place

We got all our stuff packed up, cats and all and we were on our way. My daughter would meet me at the new house and I would pick up the key and meet her there. I was there in a blink of an eye. I parked, jumped out of the car and went for the entrance. I slipped the key into the lock and opened the door. I felt like it was like opening a new chapter in my life, or should I say, almost like a new novel. A novel where you love the author and can’t wait to find out more as you turn each page.

We walked inside and true to our word headed straight to the living area and literally tore down the curtains. Light flooded the room. I could swear I heard the windows heave a sigh of relief! We did the same in all the rooms. The dust collectors were designated for the bin in record time.

It was a little unfortunate but the weather decided it wasn’t going to behave and we had a bit of a downpour for our move in. I was pleased however when I saw how my furniture looked in my new castle. It was starting to look more and more like the pages in Atomic Ranch. Yes, it needed a lot more work but hell, it looked a million times better than Rambo had dressed the mid century charmer. Just the missing deer heads and antlers that had bedecked the halls was enough to make the place look like a palace!

I worked dawn till dusk to get things put away within a couple of days. By the way my cats survived. They had even been outside and were getting familiar with all the new places they had to discover. It actually took no time at all for them to adapt. I worried for absolutely nothing….typical.
Luckily, I had taken a couple of days off work to get my life into some kind of order. I needed it. I quickly learned some of the quirks of the house. The first thing I learned? The electrical sucked! There were two outlets in the kitchen, damn! And the bathrooms?, absolutely no outlets. How did people survive in the fifties? I guess they let their hair dry naturally and used manual razors. After the inside was a little under control I made my way outside into my park like setting. There was one big drawback to the yard. The wretched fort that was almost in reach of the kitchen window. That was my second order of business. It was coming down. Fully prepared, bearing my flip flops and toting my hammer I made my way outdoors to start ripping it down.

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