Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 1 but not really

I guess it can be said that fate is alive and well and living in my new "old" home with me. Let me go back a couple of years when this really began...

My passion started with a book. A book I can't seem to remember how I came to find out about but I'm sure it had something to do with dancing around the internet
. All I remember is when I saw it I finally realized a fire within me. Not that I haven't had fires within me before but this was more like a bonfire out of control. The books name you ask?....Atomic Ranch. I've always loved decorating and achieving a "look" and I've liked different styles over the years but when I saw the images in these pages I new I was home. The house I was living in at the time was a terrific home. It was our family home which was purchased new twenty one years previously. Myself, my husband and my three children had many, many good times within those walls. Fast forward 19 of those years and I found myself contemplating moving. My husband and I had divorced and the house was getting bigger and bigger with each child that moved out. Finding that book was part 1 of my fate. What happened from that time forth even shocked me. You see, I'm not one to take chances, spend big chunks of money and fly by the seat of my pants (not anymore anyway). Let's just say I'm now using a belt, glue, Velcro, cement...basically anything to keep the seat on my pants from navigating too far away.

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