Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Always go with your gut. I’m talking to myself here. I’m doing my best to lick my wounds because I was almost taken back to the den of wolves to be eaten alive. Oh yes, I had been bitten but I escaped less a few teeth marks and a C note. What the hell am I talking about, you ask?
Well, remember the guy who was going to give my boiler a tune up and clean my hot water tank? It was a scam. Luckily I was getting suspicious and phoned a reputable company here in my hometown. I’m getting one of their technicians to come and take a look at my boiler to see if it really does need replacing or a repair. Well if it does need a repair, hopefully not one that would have cost me a grand. The reputable heating company I called knew about the rip off technician that came to my house and informed me my boiler was working at 30% capacity. He actually guessed the scam company name. Let’s just say I talked to this so called company on the phone after and gave them a piece of my mind. I’m pretty sure I won’t be hearing from them again. I may just call Master Card and refuse to pay the bill. He was supposed to be here 1 ½ hours cleaning. He was here all of 20 minutes and didn’t clean my hot water tank because I had an insulator on it.
Buyers beware! Even BBB isn't reliable.

I received my quote back for my windows and doors to be replaced. The nice gentleman came last week to measure. The quote is for top of the line windows and was less than I thought it would be. That’s not to say it’s cheap, just less. I had a few questions but haven’t heard back from him yet. I also got talking to him about renovating my house and he forwarded my name onto yet another contractor. He will be coming next Wednesday. He couldn’t say enough good things about him.

My daughter is contacting a friend of hers who can draft house plans, hopefully for little money. I also have another draftsman coming tomorrow. Don’t fret, it’s a free consultation. I’m big on free. Learning for free is even better.

On another note, my Christmas shopping is now complete. I even made gingerbread men (and ladies) this morning. All that’s left to do is ice them and adorn them with Smarties. I should have made some house shaped gingerbread cookies too…or should I say Atomic Ranch shaped ones. Jim, can you make Atomic Ranch cookies cutters? You’re so capable! The same design as the Atomic Ranch birdhouse you made me (picture coming)…or if you can’t, I’m betting one of your best buds is a metal fabricator somewhere in Kitchener ☺ You’re such a sweetie and I might add a great net worker!

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