Thursday, December 10, 2009

chaotic organization

I made my way home, kind of doubting myself by signing. I guess that’s a normal feeling. Since my divorce I had definitely become more aware of my endeavors. It all falls on me. Mistakes, money or decisions. Boy, I really must want this house and all the time, effort and money it is going to take to attempt to make it gorgeous. I guess what I had consciously declared to myself was, “Cori, look at it as an adventure. You only go around this lifetime once so why hold back”. Remember what I said about flying by the seat of my pants? Easier said, than done!

That night I started to pack. Yes, I am not one to wait until the last minute. Within a few weeks I had gone through every piece of junk in my garage and separated it into keep and sell. I had put all my living Room and dining tables and chairs, two beds, an armoire, two kitchen chairs and an assortment of odds and ends on Craigslist to pawn off on someone. I was on a mission. Let me add that while all this was going on I received a call from my real, Real Estate agent. Apparently the surrogate agent got my move in dates wrong and now I was going to be without living arrangements for one night. She offered, and so she should, any money this might entail by way of moving truck rental and or hotel night stay. Not to mention, and this is a doozy, the new owners of my house had an inspection done. The inspection found that my chimney leaked and had been leaking for the whole 21 years I was living there. $2,000.00 later it was good as new. No need to tell you how I felt about dishing out the moola for that. I’m sure you can imagine. Well, long story short, the $2,000.00 my chimney cost me was made back by the furniture I sold and the garage sales I held. I was back to square one. Much of my house was virtually empty of furniture. Boxes filled with the lucky contents that was going to make it to the new house, lined the walls. My move in date was coming up fast. I was sure I was prepared….moving trucks…check….hotel stay….check….the poor soles who were helping me move…check. I was almost there.

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