Friday, December 25, 2009

Here it is, Christmas morn and I’m Blogging. What else do you do at 5am? (most people sleep, I know)
I went to my Mom’s last night for Christmas Eve. My cat, Billy was out and as much as I called there was neither hide nor hair of him. I did have a lovely evening of munchies and chat…even though on the drive home I realized I had left my Mom’s main gift under my tree. When I arrived home two of my kids had arrived and were waiting for me. I asked if Billy had come in. My son Kevin informed me he hadn’t seen him. Instant panic, on my part! I looked out the back door to find bloody paw prints and drips of blood all over the patio (sorry for the gore). I was horrified. I frantically called for him but he did not come. Then Kevin spotted him. Billy was just laying on one of the outdoor pillows from my chair. I picked him up carefully and animal doctor that I am (I did actually, at one time, work for a vet), made my daughter Heather hold him down while I put peroxide on the bitten area. I could swear all I use peroxide for is my cats. After the howling and squirming, the poor guy was spent. He went on my daughter’s bed and that is where he still is. Why do animals decide to do stupid things when you can’t get them to an Animal Hospital? I’ll have to nurse him today, along with the festivities of present opening, entertaining guests and making breakfast and dinner.

I traipsed over to my neighbors last night to give them a bottle of wine and say Merry Christmas. The hubby put his arm around my shoulder and thanked me for taking the tree down between our houses. (I guess that counts them out them paying for the tree removal) I still haven’t got a bill for the tree falling.

I was supposed to have a new contractor come on Thursday to look at my house but he called twice to say he was stuck at a job he was finishing up and couldn’t make it. It will have to be next week sometime.
Both my “how to” books have been shipped so I am waiting on the edge of my seat for those. I’m hoping to see them before I have to go back to work so I have time to read them.

Well, it’s time for more coffee and to get more peroxide and rags….
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!....except me. For me it’s morning and has been since 4:45am.

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