Monday, May 17, 2010

It's getting close

Again, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to blog about the house. It’s been a whirlwind.

I’ve had very busy weekends trying to gather everything needed for the reno. My kitchen and master bath tile arrived at Rona. I went out to pick it up. Being naïve I didn’t realize how much tile it really was. First my kitchen tile was packed into the car…pretty loaded down. The store manager came out to look and didn’t think we could get more in. I put all the seats down and they piled it into the front and middle of the car. They all watched me drive away. I’m sure they thought the tires were going to pop. Let’s just say the car didn’t have much oomph. Wouldn’t you know it there was road construction on a main intersection and I had to detour up a major hill. I floored it and it probably only went 30km. Every bump I went over I winced. I was glad to make it home in one piece. It was a long drive. All the way home I was thinking I’d have to unload the tile myself. As luck would have it my daughter’s boyfriend arrived at the house a few minutes after I got home and we unloaded it together.

I’ve been busy on Craigslist trying to find some deals on bar stools and patio furniture. I got the patio furniture (took two trips with a van) but I’ve had a hard time snagging bar stools. Not that they are not in supply but I think everyone and their dog are looking for bar stools. I’ve seen some pretty awesome ones (retro) but either the people don’t get back to me, someone else gets them first or they are the wrong height. I did pick up a terrific deal yesterday. I found the atomic sputnik light fixture I had already purchased for my stairwell (I paid $300 for it a few months back)…the light on Craigslist was $35. I ended up getting that deal. I will put it in my bedroom. All I’ll have to do is replace one bulb.

My main bath tile is now finished. Wow, it looks incredible! The only thing is I think the bathtub is cursed. It’s been replaced once and the plumbers broke the bottom of the second tub. The repair person said the tub would not look 100% because of where the piece was broken off. I was angry. He said it would cost a lot to take the bathtub out and replace it which I quickly told him was not my worry although it would probably take another two to three weeks for another bathtub to come in. The plumber would have to incur the cost of it. He said I should just put molding around the bottom of the tub to hide it. That made me even angrier. I called my contractor and he said he would take care of it on Monday. I’ll leave it in his hands.

The laminate is now completely finished downstairs and by tomorrow all the laminate will be finished upstairs. It looks wonderful. Josh will be tiling my master bath today, mostly the shower area. The house is coming together and should be completely finished by the end of the month. Then the fun begins, decorating.

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