Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kitchen install

I have to put a plug in here for Creekside Construction. Best decision I made going forward with my reno. Josh and Jordan have been a breeze to work with. Why do I sing their praises? My kitchen and bathrooms! They’re almost finished. Josh retro-fitted some of the cabinets and they look awesome. I had purchased two refrigerator cabinets from IKEA to make a floating vanity in my bathroom. Unfortunately they are 24” wide which is not standard for a bathroom vanity and they looked a bit awkward. Josh is cutting them down today so they fit just perfectly and will be the size of a proper vanity. I’m leaving most of the blue plastic on the kitchen upper cabinets to protect them and I’ll wait till most of the work is done in the kitchen then take it off.

I received a call yesterday that the main bathroom tile has arrived and it ready to be picked up. Now I’m just waiting for my kitchen and my master bath tile to arrive at Rona. I’m crossing my fingers it’s in today as that’s when I was told it would be in. I’m going to think good thoughts.

I have decided to switch my daughter’s door out for a glass door. I had bought glass doors from Home Depot before the reno began but I didn’t think the size of doors I had got would fit where Heather’s door would go so I found one that looked exactly the same but that was solid. Now that it’s up I just don’t like the fact that it’s not glass like the rest of them. It should be ready shortly.

Adding some pictures here. It shows the kitchen unfinished but by the time I get home today the cabinets should be done.

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