Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is it over though?

Okay, I haven't been writing in my blog. I should have been but unfortunately you need time for that. Lately the house, or should I say the trades have been...lacking. I would like to know where common sense seems to go with regard to doing things in other peoples homes. What's that saying?
You wouldn't do that in your own house so don't do it here.
I have had nothing but disappointing days lately. Small floods. Three plumbers 40 minutes to hook up the water to my fridge. A leak in my baseboard which damaged my flooring. More flooding of my kitchen from my master bath. More damage to my floors and stairs from the railing installer. Uneven tile installation. Crooked installation of pea traps. Lights installed incorrectly. A shower door that leaks. Unfortunately the list goes on.
It all started out so well. Who knew it would end up being a nightmare. I feel like a Mom scolding her flock...haven't I already brought up my kids? At first I felt bad that I was complaining about what was going on in my house but no more. I am a certified Reno Bitch now. R.B. are my new initials which will now be embroidered on my towels and pillow cases. I may even have a t-shirt made.
Even though these things are happening I do love the way the house looks. It is truly almost at the finish line. The railing should (better) be finished by tomorrow along with the quartz counter top and my master bathroom shower glass. Because the counter tops will be installed it means the plumbers (and I say the word "plumbers" lightly) will be able to install my kitchen and master bath sinks.

I would love to take some pictures of the almost finished product but look high and low, I can't seem to find my battery charger for the battery to my camera. I did see it the other day but can't remember where. The day I get organized around here is the day I will relax.

On a good note, here are some positive things:
Craigslist has been a great avenue. I bought two 6' X 3' mirrors for $20 each and refinished them for $7.00 each. This will save me hundreds of dollars. My quote for custom mirrors for my house was initially $795. which I got down to $700. I've decided to use the mirrors I've bought, buy mirrors from IKEA for the main bath and phone around for a custom mirror for my bathroom.
I also bought a very cool dresser off C.L. for my bedroom for $50 and one for my daughter's bedroom for $45. These dressers are from the 1950's or early 60's and go with the house beautifully. I also picked up a large mid century teak framed picture in mint condition for $25. and when I was looking at a mid century antique store I saw the same artist's picture (a lot smaller) for $195. Mine is much nicer and would be worth a lot more. It looks great in my bedroom but I still haven't decided where to put it. I splurged on a mid century tea cart that folds in half for my master bathroom. It works wonderfully to store things on that I use in my bath tub. I just pull it over to the tub to use. It houses my magazines, crossword, soaps etc. One of the most exciting finds on C.L. was a replica sputnik light fixture for $35. I had purchased the exact same one for my stairwell for over $300. So now I have two. One over the stairs and one in my bedroom.

I now have my new flat screen T.V. set up. I gave away my old Sony which had served me well for more than 20 years. Getting the old Sony out of the house myself is a story in itself. Damn those old T.V.'s are heavy. I pulled it down off the stand onto a quilt and dragged it out the front door. It sat there for a day and a half until someone finally snatched it.
My washer and dryer have been set up for a few weeks now. What a God send! It's upstairs in the hall closet. I love having it by the bedrooms. It's so convenient. I was worried it would make too much noise but it doesn't. Not at all. Putting them upstairs is a decision I'm really glad I made.

Well, as abreviated blogs go that's all folks...or at least all I care to write. I'll be back.

Yours truly,

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