Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The process

Keeping track of all these appointments and researching the internet and stores for good deals is a bit stressful. I do like a challenge but honestly, sometimes I feel like a schoolgirl cramming for a final exam. I’m still learning the ins and outs of construction, trying to get the best deal on fixtures, doors and lighting, etc. and deciding what work I will and will not do with regards to renovating my mid century charmer.
Part of the problem is, I don’t do well with sitting on the fence. I like to make a decision cut and dry. I think that’s why it’s getting to me.
Should I feel a tad guilty having two contractors vie for the job on my house? I mean, I know it’s the name of the game and I’m sure they are used to that but I feel bad when they call their trades in to do a proper quote for me. Neither contractor knows about the other and I’m sure they both think they are getting the job. Kirk will be coming with his partner on Thursday night and Brian, my other choice, was just here with his dry wall installer and plumber. They were all very professional and informative. I received the quote back for dry walling, which I must say I was very pleased with. The Dry Waller does insulation as well and I had asked him to do a separate quote for that. When it came in I realized I would save a good grand on doing the insulation myself. Tomorrow I have another window company coming to give me a quote on my windows. I’m still waiting for the quote back from the plumber who was here. The electrician could not make it but it seams with all the different electricians I’ve had in here there is a discrepancy with regards to whether I need a new panel, a new panel and a sub panel or just an up grade and main breaker and new wiring. It makes my head spin. That’s the problem with having multiple trades in here and not knowing enough about the subject. Who do you believe? Are they all right? Is someone just trying to make money off of me? Or is there just three different opinions and they are all right? Tough call.

I made a trip to Home Depot this last weekend. I had gone about four weeks ago and saw some full panel, opaque glass, pre-hung doors for my house I liked. They were ½ price. I should have bought them then but I didn’t feel ready. I was now feeling ready to buy them but realized they probably weren’t there anymore. Correct! The pre-hung doors were not but there were the same doors that were not pre-hung. I found out buying the door jams would be expensive because the stores here only sell the jams by the foot and it was too expensive. I left the store without the doors. I checked a few more Home Depots but they had none of the doors in stock. I found out Lowes down in WA had jam kits for $18. Each. This was a good deal so I called Home Depot and bought the doors on the phone with my credit card. I did find out the next day that both the contractors I’m interested in want the doors pre-hung. I haven’t picked up the doors yet and the one quote I have to pre-hang the doors is $75.00 for each door, plus I have to get them there. It’s kind of hard to transport big items without a truck. I’ve emailed another company, which I think will do it for $50 per door, hinges and drilling included. I’ll wait a day or two and see what they say. It just may be that these doors can be had at another location for roughly the same price or less and then I’d only have to deal with one way transportation. On a good note I did replace another light fixture in my house. That made me feel good for $17.00.

One more thing, I posted my old dining room furniture on Craigslist, plus other assorted items. I ended up selling my old chrome chairs, which I loved but have no place for in this house. I just won’t part with my Nana’s 1950’s chrome and laminate kitchen table. I’m determined I’m going to use it somewhere in this house come hell or high water!

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