Sunday, January 24, 2010

Get a contractor already!

It’s been a while since I have written anything. Life’s been a hummin.

Well, I took the plunge and bought new windows for my home, just under the wire I might add, for the home renovation tax credit. I splurged and went with neat glass. My thought is there are so many windows in this home I don’t want to be cleaning them on a regular basis.
The window installer was great. I told him my fear of losing too much window space with the new windows so he gave me a few addresses of houses he’d done, one of which was a mid century home with big windows. When I drove by it put my mind at ease (okay, slightly at ease). I’m still a little worried about how it will change the look of my home but I know I need to stop heating the outdoors. We have been lucky this winter. It’s been extremely mild.
I also have an energy assessment scheduled a few days before the window installation. This costs $150 for the assessment but can save big bucks when they come back (for another $150) to see your finished energy upgrades. I will receive $1,100 back for just the new windows alone and if I bring him back after I finish renos it will be even more because I’ll be putting in new insulation and possibly even a new energy efficient boiler. Because I used my full HRTC allotment for 2009 I will be getting the full $1,350.00 back. I was hoping the government would carry over the HRTC for 2010 but I’m not holding my breath. The government tends to like to taketh away not giveth it back.

I was at a building trade show in Saskatoon for a few days last week. Even though Saskatchewan isn’t the most exciting or exotic destination, especially in the dead of winter, I did get to look around the show to see some things for my home. The great news here is I am going to get my faucets for nothing or at the very least a minimal amount of cash. Delta Faucets is one of our representative’s lines for our mid provinces. They told me I could order them for nothing. This is going to save me $1,000. to $2,000. If there is one thing I have heard it’s not to get cheap faucets. One of the other lines they carry is Colonial Elegance. This company makes closet doors and pocket door frames. I was excited to see they carry the frosted glass closet doors I want. I will also get a great deal on these as well.
I also know the Manager for Resisto. They are a roofing supply company. He said if I need to re-do my roof to give him a call and he would look after me. I have to say it really pays to have connections…now if I only had a truck I’d have it made.

I decided to pay a visit to one of my favorite places yesterday, Jack’s Used Building Supplies.
This place if awesome! I found my old 1950’s sinks here a few months ago. They have never been used and I got them for $15.00 each. They will go in my main bathroom. I also stopped at the re-store, which is just around the corner from Jack’s. It’s fun to go into as well but Jack’s just has it all!!

I sold my old dining room chairs off Craigslist yesterday. It just so happens the guy I sold them to is a contractor (go figure). I invited him to come in and look at my house. I gave him some plans and he’s going to give me a call next week to bring his trades around. It’s amazing how things just seem to come together. I heard back from Brian. He’s the contractor who’s not so great at communication. He sent me his quote for the job. It came in at under my budget but remember when I told you he sent me the quote for the dry waller at $8500? Well he bumped it up to over $10,000. I asked why and he told me it’s his management fee. I worked out the bump up in cost and it was 27%. I told him that was too high for a management fee. I haven’t heard back from him. I also heard from Kirk yesterday. He is the contractor I work with at my job. They are coming out to meet with me again this coming week to go over the quote. I am crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes that he is going to be “The One”. Getting a contractor you trust is not easy and not for the faint of heart. I believe if I were a man this would be easier. I think what happens is, they see blonde and try to take advantage of the situation. What they don’t know is…I’m not really blonde and I’m tougher than they think I am. Maybe I should just come off as a bitch right from the get go.

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