Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Okay, I’m freaking out a little bit. I was just reading my bible, “Atomic Ranch magazine”, about a 50’s reno. They had their window glass only replaced to keep the look of the house original. I’m a little worried I made the wrong decision about replacing all my windows. Maybe I should have done this instead. I thought I had done my research but I guess not thoroughly enough. At this point I hope I won’t regret putting these new windows in. Okay, enough of my rant.

It turns out that this new contractor is really working out to be someone I may be interested in hiring. He has a lot of experience with post and beam construction, which really peaked my interest. He’s a young guy (most people look young to me now, he’s probably about 33 - 35) but he is really on the ball with regards to communication and getting his trades in here quickly to do quotes. His family business has been in business since 1977 and this reno company is an off-shoot of that. The original company is a log home construction company. He is sending in his dry wall guy here later this afternoon and will supply me with multiple references. Tomorrow I have Kirk and his partner coming over to go over the final details. I had my house plans done professionally so there will be no major questions at city hall. I have to make my decision soon on the contractor I’m choosing. They both know about each other now. Maybe that will make them more competitive with their pricing.

I tried to order my glass inserts from Crestview Doors this morning but they don’t have a secured website to use my M/C, so I didn’t actually order them. I’ll have to call. I’m going to be getting the Piedmont A, double pane glass, as it goes with my original door escutcheon (aka, back plate for door knobs). I called a plating company yesterday to find out about having my back plate chromed. So it should look just like the picture I’ve posted. I’m not sure yet what color I want my door but I’m sliding towards an orangey red color, as I will eventually be painting the outside of my house more neutral colors and I want the door to pop out against the house. I’m also getting a chrome door knob and deadbolt in shiny chrome to match, most likely from Schlage. I’m feel all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it. Check out the doors on the Crestview website, they are delectable.

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