Saturday, January 9, 2010

The decision...could this be it?

It was an eventful day. Leisurely coffee. Leisurely breakfast. Fast track clean-up and a visit from another potential contractor.

This could be it folks. I met with Kirk. I actually know Kirk because he is a contractor who does a lot of decks for the company I work for. What I didn’t know is that he does renovations not just decks. I called him up last week to ask him a question regarding pricing for a customer who called into our office. I thought while I had him on the phone I’d ask him if he did renovations as well. By now you know the answer and I spent quite a big chunk of my morning today with him and his electrician. I was pleasantly surprised. He is very professional and has no problem letting me do some of the renovation myself.
I had decided this week that me, myself and I, would put the insulation in. It doesn’t look like rocket science so I think I can handle it. Kirk suggested Roxul insulation, as it is fireproof and easy to cut. Interestingly enough I had already sourced that particular brand out and even priced it for my whole house including the vapor barrier. I think I’ll be buying that before the end of the month to get in on the tax credit.
I had pulled apart a wall in my center bedroom, which I’m not using at present. I was happy to see there was already fiberglass insulation in there even though it was just paper backed with no vapor barrier. Obviously, back then it wasn’t a requirement. To be frank, I was just glad it wasn’t asbestos. What I wasn’t expecting was that the studs aren’t 16” on center. They are 14.5” on center, hence the cutting of the insulation (listen to me, I sound like I know what I’m talking about..ha, ha). I also decided I would be doing some of the demo on the house. The outside walls will all be very simple to take down as they are just paneling with no drywall. I’ll probably take up the carpeting as well.
If I decide on Kirk, the reno will be starting in about a month. It will be entertaining living with half a kitchen and just my bedroom and one bathroom. That is if you imagine entertainment being like Chinese water torture. We will see how long I last without losing my sanity. I will be meeting with him again in a week or so and we will go through more details.

I’m excited! After using my machete, I see a clearing and I’m making headway. All I ask is that you pray for my bank account. Would ya?

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