Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Heart My House

I'm obsessed, it's true.  I'll admit it.

I wish it was my job to be involved with all this retro, mid century marvelousness (I know, it's not a word).  I need to win some money so I can buy up all the run down mid century homes and turn them into pieces of art.  I can't think of anything better.  It fulfills some deep seeded need I have to rescue and beautify.
I just helped my daughter clean up after their move into a mid century split level just a block away and even though it's not my house, I'd like to rip that baby apart and bring it to life again.  But alas, that is their journey of which I'm sure they will do a great job!  How can they go wrong when they already have a cool original mid century door complete with a 50's icon door knob plate.

I've been playing with some ideas for my garage makeover.  I entered a contest on line for a new garage door (up to $10,000.00)  and yes, that includes glass garage doors, thank goodness.  I've also figured a plan of IKEA cabinets along one wall of my garage.  I think it will look great..hmmm...come on bank account, you can do it...grow damn it!  This cheap garage reno is turning into a money grabber.  I also snapped a few pictures of the back of my house a few nights ago which led me to think I may want more glass inserts from Crestview for my garage entry door at the back.  Speaking of Crestview Doors, they are going to be doing a case study of my reno on their website which I'm quite excited about.  They had also told me that Atomic Ranch magazine should do a spread on my house in their magazine.  Funny they should say that because that is a real dream of mine.  The book Atomic Ranch is what got me started with all this post and beam mid century stuff in the first place, God Bless em!...and since that time I haven't missed a copy of their magazine.  It's pure bliss when I find that peeking out the top of my mailbox.

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