Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Shed Roof...a smelly situation

It's finally replaced!  Yes, the rotting shed roof topped with tarp is now sitting pretty with a new roof.
My daughter's boyfriend and his roofing buddy replaced it with asphalt shingles.  I was so grateful. It cost me lunch, dinner and a couple of cases of brew.  The only mishap was that their dog got sprayed by a skunk that night in my back yard.  It seems those critters visit my backyard now and again.  After my daughter and her boyfriend left  I couldn't figure out why it still smelled in my back yard but I finally found out why.  Some of the spray went onto my BBQ.  That stuff is wicked to remove.  It's sticky!  I finally removed it and threw out the cloths.
Yesterday I got a call from my neighbor saying a family of skunks was making there way from her backyard into mine.  Interestingly enough I didn't see them, so they must of taken a detour down the side hedge out of sight.  I can't seem to shake the wild life.  My last home I had a raccoon problem and now skunks!
That stinks!!

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