Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This really is the fun part

My little bit of time off from work was just the ticket. I got to putter around the house at a leisurely pace and get those little things done from my reno I just didn't have time to do. I finally put the last shelf up in my closet and organized it perfectly. My spice rack is now completely done and up on the inside of my cupboard. (I really think some IKEA should be in every home) It's the best spice rack ever, even though I think it's a bit pricey, its sure saves on space!
Surprise!.....I spent a whole lotta time on Craigslist searching for deals. I found a bed frame (which I have been looking for for months) that is low profile. My dream was to have a teak mid century bedframe with a headboard and attached side tables but it would have been way to cramped in my bedroom. I opted for a bedframe that makes my bed look like it's floating off the floor. I snagged it off Craigslist and I've attached the picture. I definitely think it was the right choice for my room. I'm leaving the large Challignac Ceramic and Velvet framed art above my bed as a headboard (another great find on Craigslist). I also sourced another white shag rug of Craigslist for $25 for my bedroom. I now feel my bedroom is complete.
Another great find was a 1960's blonde headboard for my daughter's room for a measly $5. I couldn't pass it up even though what I really wanted was a teak or walnut one. For $5 I can still have it and if I want keep looking on CL for an alternative. When she moves out in December I will be decorating her room as a guest room.

My hand rail has been lifted on my glass stair railing to pass code, although I haven't called for final inspection as yet. I'm waiting until my contractor comes back to install my kitchen backsplash tile the second week of December and then I'll call. I figure that since my stair railing was supposed to be totally finished by June 1st and it's taken the railing company until mid November to get it done (and right) I'll take my sweet time getting my final inspection and he'll just have to wait for the final balance I owe him for the railing.

I put my Christmas lights up on the weekend, all white. I chickened out on putting them up on the top eave. I got vertigo when I tried to do it up top. I still need to pick up some more lights for my Maple tree and it should be good.

Well that's about it for now.

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