Saturday, November 6, 2010

OK, it wasn't and isn't officially over

The railing is still an issue. Tried to get my final inspection on my house and unfortunately it failed. The reason?....the railing is too low. Unbelievable! After talking to Ron from Craftwell he said he knew it was too low but thought it would pass. News to me...thanks for telling me. He now has to make new brackets to raise the railing. They are still not ready. It's now November and still it's not completely finished. I haven't paid him and he won't get a dime until it passes. He has lost so much money on this project. The good news is it looks pretty awesome. There are a few things I'm not thrilled about but all in all its pretty cool. At least it's up and no one can fall off the top ledge.
I ordered my kitchen backsplash tile last week. I wanted penny tile but in Canada it's really hard to find. I settled on white tiny hex tile which almost looks like penny tile and the great news is it's relitively inexpensive. My contractor still owes me his time to install so there will be no charge for that. I'm hoping the tile arrives near the end of this week. I'd like it done before December if possible.
I'm off on holiday this week from work so I'll get some of the little things done I haven't had time for like organizing better and little things like putting up my spice rack on my inside cupboard.
Fall is definitely here. I mowed my lawn for the last time last week and it looked great until a little bit of wind came up and blowed all the leaves from the neighbors trees into my yard. I'm going to wait until they all drop and then do the raking.
I can't believe Christmas is almost here. I'm looking for white string lights to put on my white Christmas tree I found on Craigslist in the summer. It's going to look fabulous!!!

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