Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October...1 year anniversary

It is now officially over....well, the railing that is. I will post pictures soon. It was completed last week and I recieved the papers from the engineer yesterday at dinner time. I can now call for final inspection. Never did I think I would have to wait this long for my final. My railing was supposed to be completed by June 1st. This company, Craftwell Construction, has been a nightmare. I will be phoning the city to get my final this week. The railing company wanted pictures of the railing which I will not be giving them. Why should I?

I spent last weekend powerwashing my front and back patios so I could coat them before winter. I did get the back garage area exposed agregate coated with glaze but the back patio I just didn't have time before the weather changed. My front walkway also got coated which looks great.

I finally had my real estate agent come in on Friday to look at my house after the reno. She hasn't seen it since I first moved it. Lets just say she was absolutely flabbergasted at the final result. I was pleased to hear that she thought I'd get all the money I sank into the house plus a lot more if I put it on the market. She also said it was the biggest transformation she had ever seen a house go through. She thought I should contact a magazine. I just may do that. Atomic Ranch Magazine are you reading this? That comment in itself made my night!

October 4th was my one year anniverary living in my house and I'm so glad I bought it! It's a pleasure to come home from work, walk through the door and heave a heavy sigh of contentment... :)

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