Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's never over, is it?

Ok, enough is enough. My railing is still not finished. Oh yes the glass is in but the glass has been cut wrong, so it's not really done yet. The glass wasn't just cut wrong once...but twice...
Just yesterday the installer sent me an email asking if he had left my customer file at my house last week. The answer...and emphatic NO!. I'm guessing the glass has come back and he was checking the measurements and wa-la...no file. What an idiot! I have never been so exasberated with someone. EVER!

On to more possitive things... My painter finished my house. It looks fabulous. I love my turquoise door. In trying to save some money I painted my mailbox to match the door instead of paying loads of money for a new one. It will do just fine for now. I have new house numbers but won't put them up until the garage is finished as the door will have to be re-framed larger.

I'll be back soon when I have an update.

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