Monday, August 30, 2010

The Dream continues

Well as I write…my bloody steel railing posts are being installed. I need to cross my fingers here because I’m hoping that I’m happy with them (this time). This was supposed to be finished at the beginning of June and here it is almost September. After the posts are installed the glass will be ordered and I hear that it will be another three working days after that for the glass to come in. So, I’m thinking that means I should have my glass by next summer. I would be shocked if I received the glass by Thursday. Not just shocked but dumb-founded.
Speaking of stairs I finally found shelving that would work beneath my stairs. I purchased a glass store shelving system that can be built to fit under the angle of my stairs. I bought this off Craigslist of course I might add, for less than half the price it would have cost me to buy new. The unfortunate part is I dropped one of the glass panes and gouged my flooring. I’ll ignore that and say that I love the way the shelving looks under the stairs. I painted the wall behind a lovely turquoise color that will also be the color of my front door. And the light beneath the panes of glass lights up all my mid century treasures perching on the shelves. I have also lined up someone to make a nice cushion which will sit atop the built in cupboard shelving I purchased from Ikea. I still need to pick out the fabric for this.

The exterior of the house is supposed to be painted on Sept. 7th (weather permitting). I’m using a medium grey with darker grey accent and white trim under the eaves and on the beams. I don’t think I’ll accent the windows with more white and will just use the existing window for the white off-set. I will also do the brick and chimney the darker grey. I can’t wait to see how the front door looks dressed in turquoise.

Well, that about covers the update…be back soon.

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