Monday, August 9, 2010

Mid Century state of mind

I've been Craigslisting again....I think I have a new addiction.
looking for deals is my new pastime and some of the deals have been amazing. I picked up a mid century sideboard for $75 and switched it for the G-plan sideboard which I've now placed in my kitchen with my mid-century coffee pots lining the top. It's a little large for the kitchen but I really like the unit and since I only paid $30 for it, it's a conversation piece. I've picked up quite a few cool things on CL and I can't see why everyone wouldn't buy this way. I've furnished my house for less than $500. I"m still on the lookout for a mid-century mirror and some kind of unique shelving that will fit under my stairs.
.....speaking of railing is STILL not in yet. They are supposed to come today and fix the mars that they did when they tried to install my posts. They better show up. Apparently now they are having trouble getting the engineer to tweak the design. This has now been going on since the end of May and this company is horrid. Stay away from Craftwell....they don't craft well and they don't know how to communicate with their customers. I will be surprised if my railing gets done before winter. Yes, that's how high my hopes are.
My ensuite tap finally came and both were installed on Friday. Jay the plumber came and installed them which made me happy. The vessel sinks had a tendency to be slow draining so he drilled the holes bigger in the drain and now it works great! I finally finished my grouting and sealing last weekend and could use my shower for the first time. It's awesome and I don't even like showers. The frameless glass it beautiful!
It's getting close to having the painter come and paint my house for me but now I'm wondering if I should just get the garage done before that. I'm going to think about it on my trip and make a decision before I get home on Friday. The house was supposed to be painted at the beginning of September.
Well, that's about all for now.

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