Monday, July 5, 2010

Well, here it is July 5th and the reno is still not quite complete. It feels done but there is a bit of tweaking to do. Some of my handles aren’t on my cabinets yet. My mirror and glass for my ensuite bath won’t be going in until the end of this week. My ensuite lights still need to be installed (waiting for the mirror). I haven’t got my tile yet for my kitchen backsplash yet. My stair railing still is not installed and quite honestly I don’t want to talk about it. I had it out with the railing company owner today and I’ll leave it at that.

I had my final garage sale this past weekend. I made a bit of money (believe me, I need it after this reno). I still want my garage revamped and the exterior of my house painted and my master bedroom balcony re-done with a topless glass railing but I’m guessing the railing will have to wait until next year as the moola is getting dangerously low. For my exterior paint I’ve now decided to deck out the house with a turquoise door. I think a grey exterior with white beams and a white eave outlined in a darker grey trim will be just what the mid century doctor ordered. My minds eye tells me it will look fabulous with the turquoise door.

I am very happy with the house! It looks like the photos from my coveted Atomic Ranch Magazine. When I look back at the reno pictures I honestly don’t know how I lived like that. I am proud to say “I did it”. So far the results are what I had envisioned right from day 1.

Things I am happy about most:

I have running water
I can cook on a stove
I don’t have to clean up a mess everyday after work
The bottom of my feet aren’t rough anymore
I don’t have to worry about my cats
I can now relax and have people over

I will add more photos when I can. I’m gaining more and more time as the days progress.

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