Monday, February 15, 2010

So it is it is done!

Well, I’ve done it! I’ve finally hired the contractor for my home reno. I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m apprehensive and I’m rare’ in to go. I know, my feelings are all so contradictory aren’t they? And this process has been so long and tedious.
The hardest part was telling Kirk, the other contractor who was in the running for the job, that I was not going to hire him. By the way, I’ve gone with Josh, the young guy who has had lots of experience with post and beam construction. I called my inspector friend who actually knows Josh. He gave him glowing reviews saying he has inspected his work and that he does a great job. That goes for all the other references I called as well. They all had the same great things to say about Josh.
He is organized and he got his trades in so quickly to do quotes it actually flabbergasted me. Unfortunately, Kirk had started the process of getting someone to draw up my house plans so I can submit them to the city for building permits. Now I must get those back from him. Hopefully it all looks tickety-boo. I called the city to get an idea of how much all these permits are going to cost. It looks like it will be approximately $600- $700 for them all. This is about what I had thought.

I laid in bed last night envisioning what it was going to like waking up, shortly I may add, to no walls, no flooring and sometimes no plumbing or electricity. I thought, as long as I can get coffee in the morning, I should be able to survive. I have also warned people that if I get grumpy or short with them it’s the reno showing through and to please be patient. I figured I’d let them know now and cover those bases right off the bat…no pun intended.

And the buying spree continues….I ordered modern house numbers for the exterior of my house, along with a door knob and deadbolt to match my door back plate which I will have chromed shortly.

Well, I guess I know what I will be doing this weekend… here come the boxes and the packing again…oh joy!

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