Friday, November 4, 2011

I need some progress happening people

The garage is at a stand still at the moment and I've had some hiccups along the way.  A reno with hiccups?  Who new?  It does seem that the garage has been my nemesis out of this whole house reno experience.
First the ant infestation.  Then ripping down the ceiling tiles that were stapled to the ceiling.  Then pulling out each and every staple one by one.  Then trying to coat the ceiling with primer then paint...then ugggh, primer again and then paint again.  I think there is more paint on that ceiling than the whole house.  Drum roll please....I finally finished the ceiling painting last weekend.

My glass garage door was also installed last week.  I cannot tell you the excitement that was bubbling inside me the day it was being done.  I new that by the time I got home from work I would see what my house would look like with the prized glass garage door in.  As I turned the corner into my neighborhood I could  see my little gem with it's new addition.  All I can tell you is WOW!  It looks great!  I noticed when I got out of the car that the door was not flush which scared me a bit.  I decided to enter the garage via my kitchen.  As I opened the door into the garage the door hit something.  I thought someone left a box on the floor behind the door and it hit it.  I peeked behind the door.  Nope, nothing there.  I looked up and &%@*, the door was hitting the rail for the garage door!  No way!, You've got to be kidding me.  I called the garage door people to vent my disbelief.  Long story short, the garage door could not be lifted higher because of the beams in the house.  I would have to get a new kitchen door and have it swing in instead of out.  Definitely not what I wanted but at least there was a solution.  I received a discount from the garage door company.  It will help a bit with the new kitchen door and installation. 
 Before all this happened my plan was to get a new garage back entrance door because the one that is there is hollow core.  I had been scouring Craigslist for a full light double glazed french door.  I found one for $250.00 and tried to get the guy to come down with his price.  He wouldn't.  I mentioned it to a co-worker who told me he had a single french door and would sell it to me for $50.  I was going to do it until this whole out swing door problem occurred.  Now my plan is to take the existing kitchen door, which is a flush door, and use it for my garage entrance door.  The door back plate I never could use on my front entrance door can now be used on this door.  I also have a left over cracked window frame from Crestview doors (the originals for my front entry door arrived from their warehouse with cracks...but they did send me new ones). Now I'll take the cracked one, use some wood glue and fix it and have it installed on my back garage entrance door.  I got a price from a glass company to fit double paned glass in it for $25.  So now my front turquoise door will match my back garage entrance door...except it will have one window instead of three.  I will be getting the glass this weekend, along with sourcing out a chrome door knob to match the back plate I had chromed soooo many months ago (you have no idea how hard a polished chrome door knob is to find without special ordering it!).
Even though this whole door project is going to set me back more than I thought, in the end the result will be mid century amazing.  I'm all about the mid century amazing thing...or hadn't you noticed?

I have more to tell but I'll put it in my next entry.....

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