Saturday, November 26, 2011

and the garage story unfolds

Well, it's time to update my blog.  I'm charging my camera to take some photos tomorrow. 

Since my last entry I had my electrical done.  I decided I wanted two extra plugs outside my house.  One at the back entry and one at the side of my house for the Christmas lights to be plugged into.  I wanted the electrician to make sure he would put my outside front lights beside the garage door evenly to the garage door.  When I arrived home that day they were off center.  One light was about 5" away from the garage door and the other side was about 12".  WTH,  I was mad.  Now if it was moved it would leave a hole in my siding.  I decided to be inventive and decided that because I have 5 numbers in my address that putting the address between the light and the garage would make it seem like it was supposed to be that way.  I had bought my address numbers before I had even done my house reno.  I originally wanted to put them under my outdoor lights but the lights are quite low on my house so putting them there would make the house numbers extremely low.

Now, what to mount the house numbers on.  I scoured the internet for days and was going to get plexiglass backing for them because that looked pretty cool from the pictures I was seeing.... but suddenly I thought about a teak shelf I wasn't using from inside my cabinet.  I quickly rummaged it up and placed the numbers on it.  That was it!  It looked fabulous!  Now if only the edges of the shelf weren't exposed.  Then suddenly I thought of what my contractor used for the edges of the tile when he did the installation.  Shluter!  (Metal trim).  I measured the depth of the teak and the next day made my way to the building store and purchased a piece of the metal trim.  Needless to say it finishes it off beautifully.  Now if I only had tools, I could put it together myself.  I have really had the urge lately to start building things.  In the new year, that's exactly what I'm going to do!  When one of the guys came to finish off my framing I got him to cut the teak into a 5 1/2" X 28" piece.  I can't wait to see it all finished!
The drywall guy arrived on Wednesday.  He ended up installing the drywall onto the beam on my far wall over the line of windows and also up the window posts to the beam.  Needless to say the next day I made him take it down.  I don't want any of my beams covered damn it!  That's one of the reasons I adore this house.  Don't touch the character features! The tapping and mudding has now been done so Monday should be the day it gets sanded.  That means by next weekend I will be painting again.  Then the trim will be put up next, then the lights will go in....then my doors (more on this in my next entry, it's a lonnnnggggg story.

I feel like I'm on the home stretch now and I've got to say I am glad.... because I'm really weary of living with the contents of my garage in my living space.

........more to to follow.......

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  1. I'll be looking forward for more pictures especially on your garage door when it's done. Good job for your home reno....

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