Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Garage reno is now underway!

Ok, so it's in the beginning stages of the garage reno and right now I'm taking a break.  I decided to dye my hair during my break so I'm now sitting here looking like a dork with a plastic bag over my head.  Gawd, I hope no one decides to pop in.  I've been painting the post and beam ceiling.  Oh what a fun task that has turned out to be.  Abet of buying latex primer when in fact I knew it wasn't going to work prolonged the process on the first day.  The oil in the wood was leaching through the primer. After taking the latex back, the paint store employee began to  argue with me that the latex should work as well as the oil and that in fact the results would be no different.  I said, okay...should I use all the two cans up of latex and then come back when that doesn't work and get my money back or should we switch it out now.  He switched it out.  It worked like a charm like I was sure it would.  I'm pretty positive one coat is going to cut it.  It took me two long days of neck cranking and cutting in each and every slot in the wood.  I am now finished the primer and in the next few days I'll be putting the paint on top. 

I'm doing all this before my contractor actually begins.  Why?  because I want this to go fast.  The electrician is going to have to get the lights up and I don't want any delays.  The walls obviously are not fact I ripped down the existing paneling trying to save money of course prior to the actual demolishing.  I didn't find any treasure in the walls but I did find an old wasp nest and some dried up larva of who knows what...but other than that it was all good.  I still have some heavy pieces of shelving etc. to get out of there.  My friend will be over soon to help me move it. 

Okay, hold on I have to go rinse out the right back....

Shower, done!  where was I? Ah yes, moving the rest of the heavy stuff out.  Once that's done I'll be ready for the contractor.  The bin is coming on Wednesday and it shouldn't take more than a few hours to rip the floor and insulation and odds and ends out. 

I have decided to wait on the cabinets for the garage.  I'll wait.  Trying not to spend too much.  Speaking of spending.  I ordered my glass garage door.  It should be here near the end of the month.

I have actually discovered a new addiction....
I'm not sure if its heaven sent or from hell.  I've gotten loads of ideas but I'm also on it 24/7.  If you're not familiar with it check it out.  It's people posting pictures on every subject possible and you save it to your own site in blocks.  Kind of like a filing system at your fingertips with all your interests, projects, wants etc.  It's got my brain working on ideas for the garage and other crafty things.

Well, it's time to move that heavy stuff I was just talking about.  Be back soon!

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