Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Garage

Well, it's getting closer to finishing my garage.  I've tweaked the IKEA cabinets plan about 10 times and taken a picture of my house with different garage door scenarios plastered onto the front of it.  I've posted it on Facebook to get opinions only to find that everyone likes a different door.  I'm still edging towards a opague glass garage door, although I do like the idea of having two windows above a plain white garage door.  It would be more than half the cost and would be better insulated.  My contractor will be coming soon to give me a quote on the job.

Stay tuned......


  1. Hi Cori! Can we be friends? My husband and I just bought a mid-century-bordering-on-vancouver-special in New WEst that we are looking to do something similar with! It's condition is remarkably like your house was... maybe we can trade notes? I love your tile backsplash (kitchen) - where is it from?
    Thanks! Lena & James

  2. Hi Lena, Of course we can. The tile backsplash was tile from Miracle Flooring in Coquitlam. Very inexpensive. I believe it was about $3 a sq foot. I wanted penny tile but could not find it in the lower mainland. It's plentiful in the U.S.A.