Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Garage Floor...DONE!!!...Plus an extra $300 in my pocket

I am a happy camper.  Thanks to my guy from Ontario who installed it for me, the VCT flooring I snagged on Craigslist for 60 smackers is down. I was grateful, to say the least.  It took two whole days and one half day.  One of putting down the plan-i-patch (don't always go by quantity directions on the packaging) and one for putting the adhesive (again, quantities way off!) and tile down.  After that it was installation of the cove base and the transition strip into the garage.  It looks absolutely amazing.  So bright and cheery.  I have attached some install photos and will take a picture of the finished garage shortly.

I have been at it again....  Last week I was browsing Craigslist and came across a FREE vintage Danish Mobler teak desk in rough shape .  I grabbed it, spent about and hour and a half oiling and sanding and fixing....wa la, it was gorgeous.  I would have kept it if I had a place for it.  I sold it in a couple of hours on Craigslist for $300.00.  Not a bad haul for a few hours work.  I am planning on doing a whole lot more of that CL buy and resell.  I am picking up a Vintage teak Ply lounge chair with ottoman for $30.00.  I may keep it or if it doesn't fit into my living room decor I will resell it.  I just found the same one for $465.00 without the ottoman on CL.  I have a sneaking suspicion my garage is going to be turned into a studio for making over furniture and reselling.

And...stay tuned....apparently my new roof is going in a day or so...ouch!

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