Friday, January 6, 2012

The Garage Reno...part 1,000

The garage is almost done and trust me when I say I couldn't be more thrilled it's almost over.  I will in fact have some things that I will be doing after the contractor is done but they will be minor.

Highlights over the past few weeks....
The back garage entrance door was finally installed, along with the original diamond shaped door plate from the  original front door of the house along with the left over damaged window from Crestview doors.  My only disappointment with the door is I couldn't get a chrome door knob to match the chrome door plate but it's not that bad and I wasn't about to spend $300 on a door knob set.  This door has already cost me more than it should, not to mention the amount of hours looking online at door knob sets and waiting 4 weeks for a special order slab door to come in to fit the 5" backset, plus hauling the original door down to the door store to have the hinges notched.  I'm just happy this part of the garage is done.

The teak shelves I bought off Craigslist were installed off the ground.  That was a job and a half.  Those shelves were bloody heavy.  I'm glad I didn't have to deal with that!  I put all the knobs I bought from home depot on the cabinet doors and organized all the items to go in it.  I went through every screw and tool box I had and organized them into their appropriate container.  I bought some peg board (ripped my thrumb to shreds in the process) spray painted it and put it up and now I'm just waiting to paint the door into my hot water tank room and I will then put the other piece of pegboard up on the back of the door to store bigger items like hand saws etc.  I also took the two upper cabinets I already had and spray painted them and had them installed.  I placed my recycling station, t.v. trays and step stool under them so they are in easy reach of my kitchen.

I bought an old teak veneer dresser off Craigslist 3 weeks ago in the hopes to turn it into a rolling work bench.  Normally this wouldn't be an issue to find but I had a certain measurement I needed it to be because it was to be stored under my window at the back of the garage with two doors on either side.  I finally found a dresser that would work.  I pulled the two bottom drawers out and wanted shelves in their place.  I bought a butcher block table top and casters from IKEA and had the contractor put it all together.  It looks great!

All my lighting was installed and I'm just awaiting the wires and light plates to be covered (they cannot be flush with the ceiling because I have a wood slotted ceiling).  Hopefully some of the covers will be done today.

Yesterday the entrance from the garage to the kitchen was rectified.  The door now swings into the kitchen so it doesn't hit the garage door rail!  I also had a pet door installed so my cats will hopefully use that.

I am also hoping I will come home to my new address up on the exterior of my house.

It's all been a blur so far...I am sure the next few weekends will be full with me trying to do the odds and ends left over...which I dare say will involve holding a paintbrush.

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